Tanna Tuva

Tanna Tuva – illegal

Stamps from Tuva, Tanna Tuva, Tyva or Tyba that depict cats are never real. How can i be so sure? This region was a country for about 23 years, from 1921 to 1944. At this moment Tanna Tuva is one of the federate states of Russia.

In the time that Tanna Tuva was a country, stamps were printed with animals, true, but definately not with cats.

Remarkably, the cat ‘stamps’ that I have seen have printed on them the words ‘Российская Федерация’ (romanized to Rossiyskaya Federatsiya). This is absurd, a federate state of Russia cannot print its own stamps. Only the Russion Post may do so.

Tanna Tuva – illegal

So, all cat stamps from Tuva are illegal.


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